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Yamaha electric violins: SV and YEV series

Though eager to embrace the capabilities of amplified sound, violinists are nonetheless faced with the challenges endured by any acoustic instrument player attempting to go “electric.” However, with Yamaha’s innovative line of electric violins, a new vista has been opened.

The Yamaha SV Series of electric violin models

Intelligently designed to marry the natural tone, feel, and playability of a traditional acoustic instrument with the advantages of modern electronics, Yamaha’s SV series Silent Violins offer the best of both worlds. Available in 4-string and 5-string models, these instruments are perfect for a wide variety of applications.

A body-style both new and familiar

The airy, partially-sketched shape of these instruments is arresting, yet it is carefully thought out from the player’s point of view. While the body is merely suggestive of the outline of a classical violin, all the necessary elements have been included within. The neck, fingerboard, headstock, and chin rest will delight the player with their traditional placement and feel. Added to that traditional scaffolding are a host of modern features.

Of course, one of the main purposes of this type of design is to maintain the natural sound quality of an acoustic violin while avoiding the pitfalls of feedback inherent in micing an acoustic instrument. In this, Yamaha’s electric violins succeed admirably.

Sophisticated electronics for every situation

Yamaha’s SV models feature a dual pickup system. Embedded in the body, a piezo pickup delivers the full, rich tone of the instrument. Coupled with that, a pickup under the bridge captures all the subtle nuances included in any violinist’s performance.

A connected but separate electronics component includes volume, travel, and bass controls as well as three output jacks: 1/8-inch phone for mini headphone use, standard 1/4-inch line out for standard amplification, and an XLR balanced output to use with high-end audio systems. One of the benefits of having this unit separated from the instrument itself is that it allows for a violin quite similar in mass to a traditional instrument.

High quality construction and materials

One of the main reasons these models sound and feel so close to standard acoustic violins is the care used in construction. Ebony pegs and fingerboard, a maple and spruce body, and a maple neck offer not only the tactile sensations but also the liquid, fluid tones of a traditional violin.

Several models of electric violin for sale

Included in this line are the SV-200 Silent Violin in a range of colors (black, brown, red, and blue), the SV-250 Pro 4-String Silent Electric Violin, and the SV-255 Pro 5-String Silent Electric Violin.

Yamaha’s extremely affordable YEV electric violin series

For the novice player -- or those wishing an easy entry into the electric violin world -- Yamaha has created the YEV series. Including the YEV 104 Electric 4-String Violin and the YEV 105 Electric 5-String Violin, this series offers high quality sound and playability at a very economical price point.

Traditional feel; avant-garde appearance

Boasting Yamaha’s unique infinity loop-like body shape, these instruments incorporate the mathematical fluidity of a Möbius strip. Yet the essential elements of a classical violin are present: scroll, pegs, neck and fingerboard, and chin rest.

Thus, the player retains the advantage of their traditional feel, while accessing a whole new range of sonic possibilities.

Electronics made for the stage

The built-in piezo under the bridge re-creates the rich, natural sound of a violin beautifully, and when combined with the minimal body construction, virtually eliminates feedback when amplified. The electronics include a volume control and don’t require a battery. An extra feature -- a selector switch that removes the volume control from the circuit -- allows the player to deliver an extra powerful, punchy sound that can then be controlled and enhanced by the external sound system.

Colors available

Both the YEV 104 and the YEV 105 can be purchased in either black and natural finishes.

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