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How To Size For An Instrument

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Sizing Made Simple

The best way to size your child is to bring them into our shop and have someone on staff size them or to have your teacher size them. When this isn't possible, there are a couple of options.

The charts below show approximate arm lengths for violin and viola, and approximate heights for cello, bass, and guitar.

We also have a video that demonstrates how to size an instrument for a child.

Violin Sizing

Arm Length Is At Least Violin Size
17" 1/16
19" 1/10
20" 1/8
22" 1/4
23.5" 1/2
25" 3/4
27" 4/4
*This chart shows approximate arm lengths.

Viola Sizing

Arm Length Is At Least Viola Size
17" 1/16
19" 1/10
20" 1/8
22" 11"
23.5" 12"
25" 13"
27" 14"
*This chart shows approximate arm lengths.

Cello Sizing

Height Range Cello Size
48" to 50" 1/8
51" to 54" 1/4
55" to 58" 1/2
59" to 62" 3/4
63" and up 4/4
*Please Note: All sizes are for German instruments.

Bass Sizing

Height Range Bass Size
48" to 50" 1/10
51" to 54" 1/8
55" to 58" 1/4
59" to 62" 1/2
63" and up 3/4
*Please Note: We do not carry basses larger than 3/4 size.

Guitar Sizing

Height Range Guitar Size
Less than 48" 1/4
48"-56" 1/2
57"-62" 3/4
62" and taller 4/4
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