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New Product Arrivals

  • Rosin

    Sanctus Rosin

    Sanctus is formulated to provide more possibilities in the sound of stringed instruments. This unique combination of two sophisticated rosin formulas provides the optimum balance for sound and bow control. These formulas have been put into two separate areas in one special rosin cake to show the clear definition of their roles.

  • Viola Strings

    Alphayue Viola Strings

    Alphayue surprises with sound qualities and balance never before available at this price point. Advanced materials married with a sophisticated design result in a professional sound with renowned Thomastik-Infeld quality.

  • Cello Strings

    Alphayue Cello Strings

    Alphayue surprises with sound qualities and balance never before available at this price point. Advanced materials married with a sophisticated design result in a professional sound with renowned Thomastik-Infeld quality.

  • PinkyHold

    PinkyHold for Violin and Viola

    The PinkyHold assists students in creating smooth bow strokes. Often-neglected, the pinky finger is necessary for creating a beautiful, balanced bow change. The lightweight PinkyHold guides the finger into an agile curve on the bow. As muscle memory develops, this proper form is secured for the player.

  • Viola Case

    Galaxy Comet Viola Cases

    Galaxy Comet 700SL Shaped Viola Cases are much more than just beautiful, they are designed and built to provide the ultimate in protection for your valuable viola and bows. The sleek Comet 700SL is adjustable to perfectly fit your 15"-17" viola and features an extremely light yet super-tough 4-layer construction, instrument suspension, 2 bow holders and subway strap.

  • Humidification System

    Boveda Humidification System

    Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Kit for Wood Instruments makes humidifying your instrument effortless. Patented humidity control packets respond to ambient conditions by adding or removing moisture. This kit is designed to maintain a constant 45-55% humidity level within your instrument's closed case.

  • Cloths

    Beaumont Polishing Cloths

    These colourful microfiber polishing cloths are perfect for polishing your instrument.

  • Instrument Case

    Carlisle Cases

    Behind every Carlisle case are quality and craftsmanship that meet the demands of frequent travel. With multiple styles to choose from, standard features include matching blanket, no-fail bow spinners, two carrying straps, D-rings for backpack carry, and much more. Professional models include digital hygrometer/thermometer.

  • Instrument Bow

    Velocity Bows

    Blending traditional performance with innovative carbon fiber technology. The Velocity series of performance bows are available in four progressing levels ranging from the durable Artist model to the professional Voyager model featuring a proprietary graphite-fiber shaft that best mimics the playing character of advanced level bows.

  • Medallion Strings Cover

    Medallion Strings

    Medallion strings are designed in the U.S. and manufactured in China expressly for Echo Bridge Music. Medallion steel strings for violin and cello provide a clear, resonant sound in a student level string. They are stable, durable and a perfect rental fleet string. The Medallion Synthetic strings for violin and viola offer a rich and complex sound, break in quickly, and are economically priced.

  • Shoulder Rest

    Pirastro Korfker Shoulder Rest

    The Pirastro Korfker Rest is designed to complement the timeless beauty of the violin. It is the first shoulder rest to use bendable maple tone-wood which can be carefully adjusted to the shape of the player's shoulder. The end members offer extensive and precise personal adjustment of position, height, and tilt. The minimal use of rubber improves the sound characteristic, letting your instrument vibrate freely.

  • Instrument on a Stand

    CelloGard Cello Stand

    Every year accidental knockovers cause thousands of dollars to damage to cellos lying unprotected on their sides. In the worst cases, cracks to the sound post area can permanently destroy the tone quality, beauty, and value of these unfortunate instruments. The celloGard is a small stand that stabilizes cellos resting on their sides and protects them against dangerous knockovers.

  • Chinrest

    Wittner Zuerich Chinrests

    The Wittner Zuerich chinrest, large size for 4/4-3/4 violin, is center mounted but played at the side. Designed in cooperation with the Zurcher Zentrum Musikerhand, Department for Music Physiology, Musicians' Medicine and Health Prevention of the Zurich University of the Arts, the Wittner Zuerich has an adjustable height and tilt. Made of ''high-tech'' composite material and is non-allergenic. Smooth lip for added comfort and separate legs have an easy-to-install secure fitting.

  • Four instruments string covers

    Virtuoso Viola Strings

    New from Larsen Strings, the Virtuoso Viola set consists of a new D, G, and C string inspired by the firm foundations of the tried and true A string, also included in the set. The Virtuoso Viola D, G and C strings build upon a synthetic multi-filament core and are wound with pure silver. Available in Medium and Soloist variants, choose the set that suits your needs! The Medium set delivers a rich sound texture while the Soloist is more focused and brings greater volume to the instrument.

  • Amplifier

    Yamaha THR5A Amp

    Designed from the ground up to be the perfect amplifier for when you are not playing live, the THR5A is perfect for everywhere you play that isn't on-stage. Yamaha's advanced modeling technologies have the THR5A optimized for use with both electric-acoustic and silent instruments.

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