Our Trade-in Guarantee

Johnson String Instrument (JSI) and Carriage House Violins (CHV) will accept certain instruments, bows, and rental outfits previously purchased from CHV or JSI for trade-in credit towards a future purchase. These instruments and bows will be credited at 100% of the original purchase price, minus a reconditioning fee.

Carbon fiber and composite bows purchased from JSI/CHV will be credited at 60% of the purchase price.

Rental outfits purchased from JSI will be credited at 100% of the purchase price, minus a reconditioning fee. JSI/CHV will be the sole arbiter of all reconditioning fees, repair costs, and the final trade-in value.

Please Note:

  • Trade-in credit can be used towards any instrument or bow, excluding consignments, of the same type that was originally purchased. For example: one violin toward another violin, one violin bow toward another violin bow.
  • There is a limit of one trade-in instrument/bow per instrument/bow purchased.
  • The new purchase price must be an amount equal to or greater than the trade-in credit.
  • Rental outfits may only be traded for instruments or outfits being purchased from CHV and must contain all original outfit components.
  • Any promotional rental credit applied at time of purchase will be deducted from the total trade-in credit.
  • Trade-in credit may not be combined with rental credit towards a single purchase, nor may credit from multiple rental accounts be combined to purchase a single instrument.
  • Electric, carbon composite, fretted, and synthetic instruments are not eligible for trade.
  • Student-level bows are not eligible for trade.
  • Our trade-in guarantee is non-transferable. Only the original purchaser of an instrument or bow may take advantage of our trade-in policy.
  • Due to a change in federal laws, we are no longer able to accept items with elephant ivory components in trade.


For instruments, a standard service fee will be applied at the time of trade-in. The standard fee will reflect the cost of restoring the instrument to excellent sales condition. Normal wear and tear such as wear to strings, fingerboard, bridge, pegs, minor scratches, and open seams are covered by this fee. Any moderate to major damage, such as cracks, broken edges or corners, etc., may either void the trade-in guarantee or result in a reduction of the trade-in value at the sole judgment of Carriage House Violins.


Fractional-sized violin, viola, and hard-shell cello cases will be accepted at 60% of the original purchase price if in good condition. A lower trade-in value will be given for cases showing excessive wear and tear. Trade-in cases are only accepted in conjunction with an instrument. We cannot accept any full-size cases for trade-in.

Please Note:

  • Any instrument or bow purchased at Johnson String Instrument / Carriage House Violins, whether online or in our shop, comes with the same guarantees and trade-in policies. Some exclusions apply.
  • Any returns made within 14 days of purchase will be honored with a full refund. Returns must be in original condition.
  • To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact our Sales Department at sales@carriagehouseviolins.com or by phone at 617-262-0051. Please follow the prompts for instrument and bow sales.

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