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Our Instrument Rental Credit Policy

While renting you will accumulate Rental Credit* that can be applied toward the purchase of either an instrument from our rental fleet or an instrument from our Sales Department. Rental Credit is calculated by adding 100% of the first year's rental fees and 20% of each subsequent year's rental fees, excluding tax and LDW.

An instrument trade-in and Rental Credit may not be used together toward the purchase of one instrument, nor may credit from multiple rental accounts be combined to purchase a single instrument.

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Purchasing Your Rental Instrument

  • Can be your instrument or another of equal or greater value from our rental stock.
  • Cannot be done online - must be completed by phone or in store.
  • Purchasing includes outfits only.
  • Pricing varies by instrument and rental category. Please contact for full pricing and your rental credit balance.
  • Rental outfits purchased from Johnson String Instrument will be credited at 100% of the purchase price minus a reconditioning fee if traded in.* Rental outfits may only be traded for instruments or outfits being purchased at Carriage House Violins and must contain all original outfit components.
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The EasyCare Maintenance Plan

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Protect your investment with the EasyCare Maintenance Plan, available from Johnson String Instrument.

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EasyCare takes the worry out of owning your own instrument by providing routine maintenance coverage.

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This coverage is available to current and former renters who own Standard or Advanced level violins, violas, and cellos.

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EasyCare is not available online. Please call us at 800-359-9351 or visit us in our storefront for details.

Trade-in Policy

Johnson String Instrument ("JSI") and Carriage House Violins ("CHV") will accept instruments, bows, and rental outfits previously purchased from JSI or CHV for trade-in from the original purchaser. Trade-in credit may be used towards an instrument or bow, excluding consignments, of the kind that was originally purchased (violin, viola, or cello) and of equal or greater value.

Please note the following item-specific policies:

  • Instruments and wooden bows purchased from JSI/CHV will be credited at 100% of the purchase price minus a reconditioning fee.
  • Carbon fiber and composite bows purchased from JSI/CHV will be credited at 60% of the purchase price.
  • Rental outfits purchased from JSI will be credited at 100% of the purchase price minus a reconditioning fee.* Rental outfits may only be traded for instruments or outfits being purchased at CHV and must contain all original outfit components.

Trade-in instruments, bows, and rental outfits in need of repair will be discounted accordingly. JSI/CHV will be the sole arbiter of all reconditioning fees, repair costs, and the final trade-in value. Electric instruments, fretted instruments, and student bows purchased from JSI are not eligible for trade-in. Trade-in credit may not be combined with Rental Credit towards a single purchase. Due to a change in federal law, we are no longer able to accept items with elephant ivory components in trade.

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All instruments purchased from our sales department have a one-year guarantee against defects in workmanship
More Advantages of Purchasing from Johnson String Instrument and Carriage House Violins
  • Our skilled and knowledgeable staff have years of experience working with customers to help them find the right instrument for each player's tastes, abilities and budget.
  • All instruments are reconditioned and adjusted to maintain the value of the instrument.
  • We offer a full range of prices to accommodate the needs of a wide variety of players, from the beginning student to the professional.
  • Written appraisals are included with all instrument purchases.
  • We welcome home trials to allow the player and teacher time to assess an instrument or bow.
  • We ship instrument and bow trials anywhere in the continental United States.

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