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Nationwide Shipping

For customers throughout the United States, Johnson String Instrument has made renting easy. We ship nationwide via UPS ground. All of our rental instruments are inspected and played by our quality assurance professional to ensure that your instrument arrives in excellent condition.

Instrument & Bow Rental Shipping Rates
All rates are to the Continental United States. Please contact us for other destinations. All orders within the Continental US are shipped UPS unless otherwise requested. Instruments usually are shipped within five business days during our busiest season in autumn, though we do our best to ship them sooner. Shipping rates do not include state sales tax for Connecticut and New York residents.
Violins & Violas
Cellos: 1/10 - 1/8
Cellos: 1/4 - 4/4

How do I return, pack, and ship my rental to you?

The following instructions will guide you through preparing and shipping your rental back to us. If you wish to return your rental instead of renewing, just get it back to us by the due date, and we will close your account. You can return a rental instrument to our Newton store anytime during business hours. For instruments returned by mail, the return date is the date that we receive the instrument, not the date that we process it (don't worry, you won't be charged extra if it sits in our Receiving Department for a few days).

Any rentals being returned by mail should be shipped to:

JSI Rental Returns
26 Fox Road
Waltham, MA 02451

1. Place a note in the instrument case telling us who you are and why you are sending the instrument. Please include:
Your name, address, and telephone number.

A brief note describing any problems you have had with the instrument, or any damage you have noticed prior to shipment.

2. Pack the instrument and/or bow carefully:

Padding should be placed gently on both sides of the bridge, under the strings. This prevents damage to the top of the instrument in the event of a broken bridge during shipment. The metal arm of an unsuspended fine tuner can gouge the finish and ruin the instrument.

Padding should also be placed around the sides, so that the instrument does not shift inside its case while being handled.

If you are sending a bow, be sure that the hair has been loosened, and secure it with the case’s bow holders.

Bows being sent in a flat bow case should have foam padding placed at either end to protect the tip and frog during shipment.

Packing material should be stuffed firmly around the case so that it does not shift inside the shipping box. Protect the case by adequately cushioning it on all sides.

3. Make sure you insure the shipment for its deductible value:

  • Standard Violins/Violas: 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, 1/4: $300.00 - 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, 4/4: $500.00
  • Violas: Larger than 15”: $500.00
  • Cellos: 1/10, 1/8, 1/4: $600.00 - 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, 4/4: $800.00
  • Advanced Violins/Violas: All sizes : $500.00
  • Advanced Cellos: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2: $1200.00 - 3/4, 4/4: $1700.00
  • Master Violins, Violas and Cellos: Please call for instructions

Be sure to save your shipping receipts! These serve as proof-of-insurance!

4. Ship the instrument. You may return instruments via UPS, Fed-Ex, US Postal Service, or other common carriers.

Please Note: US Postal Service will not accept 3/4 or 4/4 size cellos: these must ship via a courier such as UPS.

Please Note: Basses cannot be shipped and must be returned to our Newton store.

5. If you have questions, call us! We can help guide you through this process. You can also look through the Renter's Frequently Asked Questions.

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