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Yamaha THR10 & Yamaha THR5 Modeling Amps: Acoustic Amplifiers

Created for use in any non-performing situation, these Yamaha amplifier models are packed with features -- way beyond what you would normally find in the standard practice amp. Now you can have all the benefits of your amplified sound, no matter where or when you choose to access it.

The amps that are serious about modeling tone

Both amps feature “clean,” “crunch,” “lead,” “Brit hi,“ and “modern” amp simulations; the THR10 also has “bass,” and two microphone simulations -- “aco,” and “flat.” Switching between these various simulations offers a dazzling array of tones that can liven up your practice session as well as help you to hone your chops with real-world tones.

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A complete array of onboard effects

Besides the amp simulation features, these Yamaha THR models also include a panoply of digital effects, with chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, delay, delay/reverb, spring reverb, hall reverb, and two more effects available with the THR Editor.

You also have additional sonic capabilities with the gain and master controls, as well as bass, middle, and treble EQ controls.

Additional practice-enhancing features

Besides the standard ¼ inch input, there is a stereo mini input for use with a CD player, so you can practice along with a recording. Listen with two full-range speakers or headphones. These little gems also feature a built-in tuner!

At 10 W, Yamaha’s THR amplifiers are quiet enough to play in an apartment yet give you the value of a very big sound. What’s more, you can plug them into any standard outlet or run them off AA batteries.

Finally, musicians will love the cool “retro” styling of these very vintage looking units, not to mention the fact that when you are using them, the inside lights up and shows as a glow through the front grill.

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