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Electric cello for sale: Yamaha Silent SVC series

Yamaha offers three different versions of electric cello for sale, giving the discerning player a variety of options to choose from. All three are ideal in a variety of settings such as solo practice, recording studios, and performance venues.

Yamaha SVC-50SK Concert Select Silent Compact Cello, Black
List Price: $3,004.00
Out of Stock
Yamaha SVC-110SK Studio Acoustic-body Cello, Brown
List Price: $4,158.00
In Stock
Yamaha SVC-210SK Studio Acoustic-body Compact Cello, Brown
List Price: $4,630.00
In Stock

Bodies made for portability, yet offering a traditional feel

The slim, minimalist body style belies its ability to provide a rich, full acoustic tone as well as the familiar feel that cellists will embrace. Equipped with a traditional scroll and pegs, natural wood neck and fingerboard, and body as well as foldable legs and chest and arm supports, these models are easily played in the traditional style.

However, because of the clever way they are constructed, the SVC series silent cellos can be quickly folded into an easily-maneuverable compact shape, packed quickly and carried conveniently.

Rich classical sound with enhanced possibilities

Because of the solid wood construction of the neck and scroll, Yamaha’s electric cellos offer the rich, warm tone of a standard instrument. Yet the minimal shape and onboard electronics combine to provide many additional advantages.

Primary among these, of course, is the ability to play in situations with amplification with no worries about feedback. In addition, the piezo pickup is augmented with a specially designed chip that adds digital reverb to the sound. You can choose from large hall, medium hall or room settings to create the effect of different environments.

Other electronics include an input jack for practicing along with a recording, as well as headphone-out and line-out jacks. There are also volume controls for both input and output levels.

Constructed with high quality materials

All models have maple necks with ebony fingerboards, and the bodies are alder (SVC-50) or spruce and maple (SVC-110SK, SVC-210SK). The bridges are maple, while the tailpieces are ebony (SVC-50) or Wittner brand composite.

Unique model features

SVC-50SK Concert Select Silent Compact Cello

Extremely mobile, this unit’s detachable leg supports can be easily removed, folded, and packed for travel. The solid body slimline construction is especially adaptable to any performance situation. Its sleek appearance is enhanced by a matte black finish.

SVC-210SK Studio Acoustic-body Compact Cello

Possibly the closest to a natural acoustic sound, this model includes a proprietary resonating chamber in the body. Yet it is also designed to move: the knee supports fold easily yet remain attached to the body for an especially quick load in and load out procedure. This model is available in a natural brown finish.

SVC-110SK Studio Acoustic-body Cello

Also imbued with a resonating chamber in the body, this model includes a more complete body outline enhanced by a natural brown finish on the neck and tail centerline structure.

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