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Yamaha YEV 105 Electric 5-String Violin - Black
Catalog ID: EIVNYAMEV15/1B

The new Yamaha YEV 105 is a gorgeous electric violin inspired by the organic beauty of wood, the simplicity of clean lines and the comfort of lightweight. Featuring a maple, spruce and mahogany body matched to a walnut frame, the YEV retains the natural resonance of a traditional violin. Its infinity loop-like design, natural touch points and curves provide a familiar feel while allowing the use of most standard chin and shoulder rests. Using the same bridge pickup found on the professional Silent Violins, the YEV produces a smooth, organic tone. The onboard volume control is paired to a volume bypass switch, allowing the player to unleash the instrument’s full sonic potential. Designed for performance, not silent practice, the YEV features a single ¼ inch output and does not require batteries. The Yamaha YEV 105 is a stunning electric violin, perfect for the musician focused on live performance.

List Price: $935.00