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Choosing a Violin Rental Program

Purchasing a violin can require a substantial investment. For students and other players just starting on the instrument, renting a violin is an excellent alternative. However, not all violin rentals are created equal.

You should do some research to determine what rental plan offers high-quality rental violins at a price that fits within your budget. There are several major points to consider when deciding where to rent your violin.

What Options Are Available?

A good rental program should offer a selection of instruments to accommodate a wide range of skill levels from the beginning student to the more advanced player. Standard rental violins are recommended for students and beginners, while more advanced or even master violins are appropriate for the more experienced player.

Another consideration is the price. Typically, fees for violin rentals are based upon the grade of the instrument and rental period, usually calculated on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Does the program you are considering accommodate school-age children? For example, Johnson String has a special student program which that operates in conjunction with many schools in the Northeast. It includes perks like reduced prices on rentals, and free shipping.

Shipping the Rental Violins

You’re going to need a way to get your instrument if you don’t live near a rental shop, so it’s important to choose a rental program that offers its customers shipping and delivery of its rental violins as well as a method to process online violin rentals. Shipping rates are usually based upon the size of the instrument and the method of shipping.

Whatever violin rental program you choose should also offer an insurance plan as part of your rental fee that covers a variety of situations. For instance, instruments should be insured against theft and accidental damage. General violin repairs should also be covered, as well as bow repair and string replacement.

A Good Rental Program Allows You to Step Up as You Progress

How much of your monthly rental fee goes toward purchasing the rental violin in the future?

Look for a policy which that allows you to apply part of your rental fee or equity towards the purchase of a violin in the future, or towards upgrading to a better quality instrument.

Your rental plan should also allow for the exchanging of sizes if needed — in other words, a trade up policy. This is an important consideration if you’re renting a violin for a child. At some point, if they continue with lessons, they’re going to need a larger violin.

Knowledge, Experience, and Reputation Count

Ultimately, your decision to choose one rental program over another should be based on the company’s experience, how knowledgeable the staff is, and the kind of reputation that they’ve developed during their years in the business.

Johnson String has been in the classical stringed instrument business since 1967. Over the years, we have built a reputation for having the best and most reliable rental program in the United States. Our staff -— including our in-house rental workshop with top-notch luthiers -— is dedicated to making sure that each and every violin is of the highest quality and is in top condition.

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