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The Right Violin Case Protects Your Valuable Instrument

There are many different violin cases available, with a wide variety of features. Choosing the right case for you and your violin is important, as is balancing your requirements with your budget.

Providing a Sturdy Exterior

When selecting a violin case, the most important factor is protecting your violin. Violin cases are made of rigid materials, such as wood, metal, or carbon fiber, and often employ a combination of these materials.

Designed to guard against impact, pressure, and other hazards, hard cases provide the ultimate security for violin players. Strong latches and other closing systems prevent the case from opening during even the most rigorous conditions.

In general, the stronger and lighter the material of the shell is, the more you’ll pay for the case. Professional musicians traveling frequently require the top line of cases; for students who take their violin to and from school or lessons, a more moderate case is sufficient.

Cushioning Your Violin in the Interior

The inside of most cases is composed of velour, velvet, polyester, or a similarly plush material padded with foam to provide a soft yet firm surface for your violin. Case interiors are form fitted to grip your instrument securely; that fit can be augmented by leather or canvas straps, sponges (forming an adjustable cushion), and specially- designed blankets.

Tracking and Moderating Temperature and Humidity Changes

Violins are especially susceptible to variations in humidity and temperature. Higher-end cases have a built-in hygrometer (for measuring moisture in the air) and humidifier (to control the humidity). If your case doesn’t have them included, they are also available separately. For extremely rainy climates, you may want to consider a water resistant violin case cover.

While no case can defend your violin from prolonged exposure to extreme conditions, with a little caution, a good case will allow you to transport your instrument safely between locations.

Additional Features

How many bows do you generally bring? Cases are equipped to carry from one to four bows, so make sure the case you’re considering has enough space for your bows. Otherwise you may need to get an additional violin bow case.

Do you have to carry your instrument frequently, and/or for long distances? Then straps are important. The two standard types are the long over -the-shoulder version, and the backpack style.

You will quite possibly also be carrying sheet music, rosin, and other accessories. Cases can features multiple sleeves, pouches, and pockets both on the inside and the outside.

Popular brands

Bam Violin Cases
Known for producing lightweight cases using the latest technology, Bam offers options from the moderately priced Classic 3 to the superlative High-Tech series.

Bobelock Violin Cases
With more than 100 years of experience making cases, Bobelock offers a wide variety of models that are affordable yet extremely well- designed and manufactured.

Core Violin Cases
Well-suited to students and beginning players, Core cases provide excellent value for their price and are available in a variety of shapes and colors.

Galaxy Violin Cases
Also in the more affordable range, Galaxy cases use composite materials that prove durable and lightweight at the same time. Multiple shapes and colors are available.

Gewa Violin Cases
Incredibly tough yet lightweight, German-made Gewa cases combine terrific durability with beautiful craftsmanship.

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