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Does Violin Rosin Go Bad?

Every violinist keeps a block of rosin in their case to help the bow grip the strings of their instrument, though it probably spends more time in the case than out. If you have recently found an old block of rosin hidden away in an old case somewhere, you might be wondering: does violin rosin go bad?

Though a block of resin could potentially last for years without running out, it doesn’t last forever. Rosin can, in fact, go bad under typical conditions. When violin rosin expires it dries out, making it less effective at producing the desired sound. Here’s how to assure you are always using fresh, high quality rosin on your violin.

Assorted rosins

How Old is Your Rosin?

There are different types of rosin that vary in quality and price. One of the most important differences between high and low quality rosin is when it was made. High quality rosin is often newer when you buy it compared to lower quality brands that may be years old by the time it is purchased. Low quality brands can also produce a layer of white, powdery residue on your violin.

While there isn’t an expiration date on most boxes of rosin, there are a few ways to tell if your violin rosin has gone bad. If the packaging is damaged or the rosin is being improperly stored, the quality has likely been impacted. Additionally, your rosin should be soft enough that the bow leaves a dusty path when drawn across the block. If it remains shiny and free of dust, you are unfortunately working with old rosin. Generally, a block of rosin will last for anywhere between six months and two years.

Time for a New Container of Rosin?

All things must come to an end, and that block of rosin that has been in your case for years is no exception. When in need of new rosin for your violin or other stringed instruments, we know just the place.

At Johnson String Instrument we offer a variety of violin accessories and other musical necessities. Visit our website to buy new violin rosin online or peruse our wide assortment of instruments and instrument accessories for sale.

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