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Instrument Accessories

Whether you’re a beginner or a proficient player, there are accessories that all players need such as rosin, a case, music stand, and digital tuner. Our informational articles can function as guides as you go through the process of choosing the right accessories for your instrument and playing level.

  • Knock-off instrument strings
    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but you’re unlikely to flatter anyone with a set of imitation strings.
  • How much does a shoulder rest cost?
    When it comes to playing the violin, the shoulder rest often doesn’t get the attention it deserves, as the bow and other accessories generally take center stage.
  • Fingerboard tape placement tips
    If you’re a first time violin student, remembering the fundamentals can be tough.
  • What to look for in a music stand
    Imagine playing the climax of a heart-stirring symphony, only to have your sheet music tumble to the floor.
  • Digital vs printed sheet music
    You’ve probably heard the assertion that print media is dead, and while suggesting the industry’s early demise is a bit harsh, it’s true that digital media is winning out.
  • Cool tools for stringed instrument players
    Stringed instrument players quickly become well-versed in the gear they’ll need in order to both play and maintain their instrument.
  • The most popular strings for professional violinists
    From students to professionals, every violinist needs to change their violin strings as a regular practice.
  • The benefits of upgrading to a carbon fiber violin bow
    Until the past decade, traditional wood bows were the only options available to string musicians.
  • What makes a great cello case?
    These days, most consumers regularly have to decide between countless different options for a single product, and buying a new cello case is no different.
  • The accessory that every musician needs
    There is a plethora of instrument accessories that musicians recommend when you tell them you are beginning to learn a musical instrument.
  • Electric violin accessories
    When it comes to price comparisons between acoustic violins and electric violins, the electric option seems to be a bit more financially accessible.
  • The best strings for a warm violin sound
    While there are many factors that contribute to the sound quality of a violin, strings play a large role in the overall tone.
  • Great gift ideas for violinists
    Some people are difficult to shop for, making it impossible to come up with a suitable gift for their birthday or other holidays.
  • How much does a double bass weigh?
    Musicians have to take great care when transporting their instrument to ensure that they don’t injure themselves or the instrument in question.
  • Do violin strings go bad?
    As you begin playing the violin and gathering all the necessary accessories, you may wonder: do violin strings go bad?
  • Rosin for upright bass
    For upright bass players that use a bow, rosin is a necessity, an unrosined bow will not create the friction required to produce sound.
  • The best violin strings for beginners
    When new to playing the violin, you are not just learning to read and play music, you are also learning the instrument itself.
  • How to buy violin strings online
    There are many types of violin strings to choose from, and each has a different effect on the resonance, projection, and playability of the instrument.
  • Wittner's unique animal inspired metronome
    Most music teachers recommend that students practice using metronomes because it's human nature to slow down at the difficult parts when you're learning to play a piece of music and speed up when you have the phrase down.
  • How violin strings are made
    Most violinists know that violin strings need to be cared for and replaced in order to get the best sound out of them, but do they know how violin strings are made.
  • Does violin rosin go bad?
    Every violinist keeps a block of rosin in their case to help the bow grip the strings of their instrument, though it probably spends more time in the case than out.
  • Holiday gifts for violinists
    Have you been thinking about what to get for the violinists on your holiday gift list? You can't go wrong buying them something they can use to support their passion for music.
  • How to choose the right violin shoulder rest for you
    When first learning to play the violin, it’s recommended that beginners use a violin shoulder rest to help them develop the correct posture.
  • Top cello case brands
    Cellos are delicate and expensive instruments that are easily damaged or broken due to their bulk.
  • How to choose the right violin pegs
    Every violin that is played regularly will need replacement pegs at some point in the lifespan of the instrument.
  • Choosing rosin
    Take the confusion out of finding the right rosin.
  • Choosing strings
    A comprehensive 6-part guide to selecting the right strings.
  • From horse to bow
    An interesting article about the hair on your bow.

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