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Electric Bass

Also known as a string bass, upright or standup bass, or an acoustic bass, the double bass originated as a classical musical instrument but now plays a seminal role in jazz, rockabilly, country (especially bluegrass), and other types of modern music.

Electric basses have several advantages over their traditional acoustic cousins. First is the ability to plug into to an amplification system easily, allowing control over the volume and tone. This also means they can be run through headphones. They can be played with a bow or fingers, and the NS Series can also be played with a pick. They are also less sensitive to environmental conditions, which is helpful for the traveling musician.

NS Series Electric Basses

Originally launched in the late ‘70s by Ned Steinberger, these instruments introduced radical new concepts in electric bass guitars. Currently, the NS Series of electric string basses are virtual musical chameleons, since they can be played sitting down (with different stands, or a traditional end-pin) as well as standing up (with a strap).

Constructed with high-quality materials and workmanship, including a sophisticated electronic system and fully adjustable bridge and truss rod, NS Basses can be easily configured to fit any player or musical style. Because of their solid construction, they also travel extremely well. See the series

NS Design CR-4M Electric 4-String Bass Magnetic Pickup
List Price: $6,155.00
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NS Design NXT4a Bass, Black
List Price: $3,015.00
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NS Design WAV4c Double Bass, Transparent Black
List Price: $2,125.00
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Electronics: Amplifiers, Preamps, Pickups and More


You can be completely self-contained with a portable, powerful bass amplifier from Roland or Vox. Running through an external sound system? Preamps from Fishman, LR Bass and Headway allow you to adapt to any situation yet still control your own tone. See Amps


Amplifying your existing acoustic bass is simple with pickup systems from Fishman, Schertler, and and Johnson String Instrument (JSI) that install in minutes, but maintain the resonant sound of your acoustic instrument. See the pickups

Cables and Accessories

From clips and cables to iPhone adapters and power supplies, you can find everything you need to complete your electric bass outfit. See accessories

Bass Accessories


Protecting your valuable instrument during transport is essential. That’s why we offer a full line of cases for your bass and bow. See cases


Every player has their own style, and thus the choice of strings is highly personal. Whether you prefer the warm sound of gut strings, or the brighter tone of steel-core or synthetic-core strings, you should try different types to find the one that fits you best. See Bass Strings


Guard your instrument against the hazards of dirt and dust with our assortment of gentle and safe cleaning products made just for your bass. See cleaning products


Keep your bass in good working order with our searchable line of replacement parts. See parts

Stands, Chairs and Benches

Be anything, anywhere—from the orchestra pit to your practice room at home, we have the appropriate music stand, instrument stand, bench, or chair. See stands, chairs and benches

Tuners and Metronomes

The benefits of practice with a metronome are well-known for students at all levels, and you can ensure correct pitch for your instrument with a tuner See tuners and metronomes

Miscellaneous Accessories

Case humidifiers, music stand lights, jewelry, and other string instrument-related accessories are perfect gifts for you — or the bass player in your life. See all accessories

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