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Art of Violin Playing, Volume 1 (Rosenblith); Carl Flesch (Carl Fischer)

A monumental undertaking, this new translation of Carl Flesch's essential The Art of Violin Playing, by Eric Rosenblith, preserves all the essential basic concepts of Flesch's original, but presents them in more contemprary and idiomatic English. New hand diagrams have been added and a table for the consistent use of bowing and fingering symbols. The range of material covered by this massive book is enormous: Body Posture, The Left Arm, (position and fingerings), Vibrato, Bowing (including all varieties of strokes), Tone Production, Musical Memory and much, much more. This new edition of The Art of Violin Playing, Volume 1 has proven to be one of the most significant string publications available.
The Art of Violin Playing, Volume 1 is by Carl Flesch, edited by Eric Rosenblith, published by Carl Fischer and is 192 pages.
Book Type: Method
Publisher: Carl Fischer Publishing
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