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Leatherwood Bass Rosin

Leatherwood Bass Rosin

BASS - Heavy Orchestral | Auditions | Solo | Chamber

  • BASS is an all-purpose, all-climate rosin designed for heavy orchestral playing with reduced string noise. Suiting students and professionals, BASS feels smooth and velvety across the string with plenty of bite and power on the lower strings. BASS is everything you want, everywhere you play.

BASS and BASS EXTRA - These new Bass recipes are quite a different playing experience to the Amber Range, which will of course still remains in the Leatherwood product offering.

  • BASS and BASS EXTRA are the answer to the call for a singular multipurpose, heavy orchestral rosin that is designed to suit all players, in all styles, in most climates. They are for clients who like using rosin such as Pops Rosin, but are looking for a clearer sound quality, but still with the Bass, stick and power.
  • While the Amber Range allows the player to accurately fine tune their tone and playing experience, through choosing a combination of recipes from a wide palette of choices on offer, BASS is the every-day reliable rosin that will perform well in all situations, and is possibly a more attractive options for students and amateurs. It is strong and powerful, but still offers the clean and clear sound of the Amber Range; but particularly offers orchestral players the power and stick they need when the music demands it.
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