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Fishman C-200 Concert Series Cello Pickup
Catalog ID: ELFISC200
Fishman originally built its reputation by developing pickups that literally changed the way acoustic stringed instruments were heard and experienced in live performance situations. The Fishman C-200 Concert Series Cello Pickup is a complete replacement high quality, Despiau bridge with built-in pickup. A piezo-ceramic pickup is skillfully crafted into the Despiau bridge. The C-200 bridge-pickup includes a 1/4 inch Carpenter output jack. The Fishman C-200 provides a superb, natural, acoustic sound for arco or pizz playing styles.
Features include:
High-quality Despiau bridge for cello
Accurate reproduction of your instrument's unique acoustic sound
Piezo-ceramic pickup skillfully crafted into a Despiau bridge
Consistent sound for every performance
Includes 1/4 inch Carpenter output jack
Professional installation required
An impedance-matching preamp is recommended, but not required
Please Note: Returns can not be accepted after the bridge has been carved.
In Stock
List Price: $379.99