Fishman Full Circle Bass Pickup, 5/16-18 format

Fishman Full Circle Bass Pickup, 5/16-18 format
Catalog ID: ELFISBF03

Plug in the Full Circle and the sound of your upright is all there. Whether it's big, fat and punchy pizz, full-voiced arco or slap, you'll hear all the acoustic qualities, dynamics, and nuances of your bass - only louder.

  • Encased in a sturdy aluminum height adjuster wheel, the Full Circle offers accurate, transparent sound. To match the pickup to your instrument and playing style, a fine-tuning feature lets you quickly choose between an open, resonant response or a drier and more focused amplified tone.
  • Now available in three formats, the Full Circle is a quick retro-fit on instruments with 1/4-20, 5/16-18, or 6x1mm thread height adjustment wheels.
  • A Pro-EQ Platinum Bass, Pro-EQ II or B-II preamp is recommended, but not required.
  • Professional installation is recommended.
  • This model is the 5/16-18 thread height adjustment wheel format.
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