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StringVision BowGrip for violin, viola, and cello bows - Black

StringVision BowGrip for violin, viola, and cello bows - Black

Stringvision Bowgrip is a bow frog covering with a thumb indent. While the advantages are primarily ergonomic and anti-fatigue, the Bowgrip also offers protection to the bow and to the instrument.

The Bowgrip fits over all sizes of violin, viola, and cello bows. (Smaller sized bows hold the bowgrip equally well since all frogs are around the same height.)

Introduced in 2006- the Stringvision Bowgrip now sells in the thousands per year and is Stringvision's biggest seller.

The Stringvision Bowgrip is used by professionals and educators alike and offers several advantages not afforded by any other string instrument accessory:

The Bowgrip allows the string player to grip the bow with a lighter touch, alleviating tension and resulting in far less hand fatigue.

The grips thumb indent allows for secure and comfortable placement of the thumb.

The Bowgrip will protect the bow from wear over time, and because the back/inside corner of the frog is covered- the bowgrip will serve to protect the bouts of the instrument from minor nicks.

The bowgrip slides and stretches over the frog fairly easily without removing the frog from the stick.

Additional notes:

The Bowgrip has a thin layer of cornstarch on the inside which helps it slide over the bow.

The Bowgrip is non-latex and FDA approved.

weight: 7.4 grams

  • top: 3.5 inches
  • bottom:1.75 inches
Weight: 0.1 lbs
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