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Who Changes Your Violin Strings?

If you have just begun your journey playing the violin, you probably have picked up tips and tricks for violin maintenance, such as how to clean your instrument or use rosin. However, you might not have changed your violin strings. It may seem like a daunting task for beginners, but violin strings are bound to wear out and break, and old strings need to be replaced. You don’t need to change them on your own though. Who changes your violin strings is entirely up to you, but there are places you can go for assistance.

Your Local Violin Shop

violin strings being installed

Not every musician has their strings changed professionally. If you’re an ambitious beginner, you may feel confident enough to take on learning to restring your violin on your own. However, we recommend watching a teacher or other experienced player demonstrate the process before attempting it yourself.

Not interested in changing violin strings yourself? Don’t worry, there are other options. Take your instrument to your local violin shop or luthier to have an expert handle the dirty work for you. Most music stores offer restringing services, including tuning, which ensure everything is in order before you take your violin home.

Give It A Try!

Searching for a music shop to help you learn to restring your violin or do the job for you? If you’re in the Boston area, drop by Johnson String Instrument to have one of our associates assist you. Not local to Massachusetts? No problem; communicate with our staff of musicians remotely for guidance on proper restringing techniques. They will take you through the process from pegs to shaft, and before you know it you’ll be an expert in personal violin maintenance. Curious about what violin strings are made of and why it matters? Take a look at our other pieces on the topic.

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