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What to Bring to Music Camp

NOTE: We are aware that most if not all camps will be on hiatus this season. Many of the items below, however, may be useful should your child enter into an online learning situation, whether group or individual. -- Johnson String Instrument

With summer on the horizon, many parents are looking into different camps and activities to occupy their children. There is a wide selection of summer camps for all kinds of kids, but music camp is a favorite of many. And for good reason, since playing a n instrument is a great way for children to learn discipline, develop their motor and cognitive skills, and start to think creatively.

Your child’s time at music camp will be spent meeting new friends and learning new pieces. Allowing children to form friendships with other students helps them connect with musicians of their own age and skill level, which makes playing music an even more enjoyable experience. Even an online music camp is a great way for burgeoning musicians to connect with one another. Since music camps can occur over short periods of time, students may have to memorize music or learn difficult pieces more quickly than they are used to, which exponentially increases their skill level.

But as you enroll your child in a program this summer, you may be wondering what to bring to music camp. Because you understand that in order to get the most out of their camp experience, your child needs the proper equipment. Here are our tips for families preparing for music camp.

Make Sure to Remember...

Obviously, the most important thing to get for any type of music camp is an instrument. However, it is also important to get all the proper accessories for that instrument. Try to find a light weight case with humidity control, so your child can protect their instrument from the elements wherever they may be.

If your child uses an instrument bow or a stand, make sure to bring those along. String players should have extra strings and rosin in all circumstances in order to maintain their instrument. Metronomes and tuners are also common, helpful instrument accessories. Finally, before camp lessons begin, put together a small tool kit with everything they need for a successful day.

But, Where Are You Going to Get Everything You Need?

Now that you know what to bring to music camp, the next step is finding the best place to get all the materials. At Johnson String Instrument, we offer a wide variety of products to meet our customers’ instrument needs. From instrument accessories to educational books, we have options for beginners and experienced musicians alike. Not sure if learning an instrument is for you? We also offer a trusted instrument rental service. Browse our instrument and accessories catalog online to view our selection.

NOTE: Unfortunately, given the current environment, it may be awhile before students can experience the fun of a traditional music camp. In the meantime, we are pleased to offer a helpful alternative. Take advantage of our Distance Learning Center to give your child a leg up and access to great resources while practicing at home.

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