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Why the violin is perfect for TV and film music

When caught up in one of your favorite TV shows or enjoying a movie, you likely aren't focusing on the background music. The soundtrack, however, is contributing in a major way toward helping set the scene and advancing the theme of the program. One of the very best instruments for TV and film music is the violin.

While all string instruments have the ability to elicit emotion in the listener, violin is perhaps the most versatile among them. From the intro through each memorable scene to the closing credits, the composer creates a score that coordinates exactly with what is happening on the screen.

Violin in the foreground and sheet music on a stand in the background

Pick a scene

Violin music can convey the desired feelings in any emotional movie scene. Music can serve as an emphasis to the actor's lines in the script, like a love scene where characters who have been refusing to acknowledge their love for one another finally bare their souls. The joyful music in the background helps the viewer to not just witness but feel the sweetness of the moment.

The musical score can also advance the story even when the actors are not speaking. Think of a scene in a drama, where one of the beloved characters is in the hospital taking their last breath. The images combined with a hauntingly sad melody can convey everything the filmmaker intends without a single spoken word.

Film music can also engender excitement as the music slowly builds and builds to a crescendo during a particularly tense scene. It's such an effective cinematic tool, that you can be in another room of the house, not watching the movie, and feel the tension simply from hearing the score.

Are you ready for the big screen?

When playing the violin at home for your own enjoyment, it isn't necessary to work with the highest quality equipment. If you have decided to make a go of recording for film or TV, every nuance adds to the sound quality and experience of the music. You may want to upgrade your equipment to meet the standards. For example, a high end violin bow increases the clarity and tone of the notes being played into the microphone.

Before you go into the studio, check out the wide assortment of quality equipment at Johnson String Instrument. We have everything you need to fulfill your dream.

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