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Is summer break the perfect time to start music lessons?

As the school year comes to a close, many families spend time considering how to structure their child’s time during the summer months. Students often spend their break enrolled in activities such as summer camps, special interest programs, and private lessons. One activity that is highly regarded by both parents and students is taking up an instrument.

When to start music lessons depends on various factors, including age, school schedules, and personal preferences. In particular, summer break is a great time of year for students to dive into music education without the distractions of homework and extracurricular activities.

Your WARM UP routine

Young woman with eyes closed holding a violin, standing under a willow tree in a lush green park

Starting music lessons during the summer months offers several benefits. With more time for music, students can establish a consistent practice routine and fully immerse themselves in learning to play an instrument. Summer lessons are also the perfect time for a fresh start with a new teacher and the chance for more personalized learning. Plus, the relaxed pace of summer is ideal for freely exploring different genres and styles of music, expanding musical horizons.

Summer also brings unique opportunities like music camps and workshops, which are not nearly as available during the busy school year. These programs provide a supportive and collaborative learning environment, which helps students improve their technique and find their own musical style. Best of all, they are a fantastic way to become a part of a community of musicians, connect with fellow musicians and make new friends.

Summer isn't the time to stop

While summer break may provide some time to relax, it's important to remember why you shouldn’t skip summer lessons. Regular practice is key to improving on an instrument, much like exercising to strengthen muscles. Learning an instrument during the summer helps students maintain momentum and continue to build their skills.

For those learning violin or other stringed instruments, consistent practice and instruction are especially important. That’s because these instruments require fine motor skills and muscle memory to master complex finger placements and bowing techniques. So, if you’re thinking about taking up a stringed instrument, summer is the perfect time to start. And for those who already play an instrument, consistent summer practice can be the key to perfecting their skills and staying ahead of the learning curve.

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