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How students who play an instrument and a sport thrive

As a student, it’s important to be well rounded and prepared for the next stage of life. Therefore, many students choose extracurricular activities as a way to gain valuable skills. Some students may even participate in multiple activities, such as playing a sport at the same time as trying something creative like playing an instrument.

Although it takes effort to balance extracurriculars with the busy schedule of a full-time student while maintaining good grades, the benefits may outweigh the negatives. In addition to developing their skills, students can learn time management and organization, broaden their social networks, and explore their passions and interests.

Plenty of students are able to balance multiple activities in addition to their daily schooling. Let’s take a look at why they do it.

The benefits of both

girl holding violin

Playing a sport and playing an instrument actually involve similar skills despite seeming different at first glance. Whether you’re on the football field or in a concert hall, you’ll find yourself learning and developing coordination, collaboration, and self confidence.

Furthermore, learning sports can help you improve as a musician and vice versa. Individuals who are physically active tend to cope better with both bodily and mental stress, which can help a musician handle performance anxiety and the physical demands of long pieces. Additionally, learning the rhythm and technique of a musical instrument helps improve coordination and allows you to tune into the flow and tempo of a sports game.

It’s clear that both activities provide useful skills and experiences, and that doing each concurrently can actually improve your performance in the other.

First chair and star athlete?

Even though there are similarities between playing music and playing sports, taking both on as a full-time student can still be a challenge. Both activities require hard work and dedication, as well as a time and resource commitment. If you want to try playing stringed instruments at the same time as sports, be prepared for a hefty shopping trip to get all the equipment you need.

But don’t abandon your dreams of being the soccer star and first chair violinist at the same time. With good time management and appropriate expectations, you can get a lot out of participating in both sports and music. If you’re an active learner, you may even be able to apply those skills to your academic studies. With hard work, dedication, and passion, you can succeed in any pursuit you choose.

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