How to Stay Safe While Playing Music Together During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many of us to reevaluate the way we go about our daily lives. While some activities can easily be transitioned into a virtual space, musicians in particular face challenges adapting their craft into this new remote landscape. For many people, playing in bands and orchestras is more than a passion: it’s a career.

In an effort to preserve their livelihoods, artists are wondering how to stay safe while playing music in a group of people. While it’s still risky to gather in large groups or assemble an audience, staying safe while playing or practicing with other musicians is possible. There are plenty of ways to reduce the risk of transmission while playing music together.

Protective face mask laying on top of a violin

Plan ahead

The first thing to consider when planning to meet with other musicians is the location. Find a venue that allows for proper social distancing and where air can circulate. Both spacing and air circulation significantly reduce the likelihood of contracting the virus indoors. Providing hand sanitizer at the location or ensuring that the group has access to their own is also a good measure to take.

In terms of personal precautions for staying safe, all people present should be equipped with masks and, if desired, face shields. Remember, a face shield is not a substitute for a mask. Avoid touching your face without first sanitizing or washing your hands. Only handle your own instruments and gear.

Making music

As the maximum number of people allowed at in person gatherings increases, so do the opportunities for playing music together. For the time being, your jams and concerts will likely have to be presented virtually. However, in many cases musicians can safely gather for rehearsals or to perform together.

As with most in person activities, it is crucial to take proper safety measures to keep you and your colleagues protected. Assuring everyone involved has proper protective equipment and is engaging in social distancing, will help reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 to friends and loved ones. For more information about PPE for musicians, visit Johnson String Instrument. We are here to support enthusiasts, beginners, and professional musicians alike during these unprecedented times.

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