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Shipping Guide For Stringed Instruments

As buying instruments online becomes more commonplace, musicians may begin to have concerns about how retailers go about packing and shipping instruments safely. It would be heartbreaking to place an order for the violin, viola, or cello of your dreams only to find it damaged upon arrival, and that fear may be enough to put someone off the idea of buying instruments online. However, it is possible to purchase a stringed instrument online and have it arrive in perfect condition.

At Johnson String Instrument we have figured out the best way to ship a stringed instrument with the confidence that no damage will be incurred. After all, the loss of an instrument can be devastating to a musician. Here’s how we ensure our instruments arrive safely at their new home in one piece.

Packaging Your Violin, Viola or Cello

The safest way to prepare an instrument for shipping often depends on whether the instrument is being shipped fully set up or not. In either case, a sturdy box with ample space for cushioning materials is the first step to packaging your instrument. If the instrument is not yet set up, loosen and release the strings before travel and wrap both the tailpiece and fingerboard in paper.

If the instrument is being shipped fully set up, you’ll want to drop the pitch a quarter tone to create enough tension over the bridge to hold it in place. The neck of the instrument should also be supported, so fold a towel or blanket to place under the instrument’s neck to keep it elevated. This should help prevent the instrument from incurring any scratches or damage during the travel period.

Arriving In One Piece

When it comes to shipping your violin or other stringed instrument safely, Johnson String Instrument partners with FedEx ground to ensure the best delivery experience possible. Our shipping department is open from Monday to Friday excluding holidays, so you can count on a speedy arrival.

Want to ship your own instrument somewhere but aren’t sure how to package it? On our website we have a tutorial to show you the best way to keep your instrument safe while traveling. With a little care and consideration, your instrument is much more likely to arrive at its destination in good condition.

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