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Rosin for Upright Bass

For upright bass players that use a bow, rosin is a necessity, since an un-rosined bow will not create the friction required to produce sound. However, choosing bass rosin can be a complex process. While there are a few standard, reliable rosins that work, there are many new rosins available for string players, so picking the one that’s best for you can get confusing.

First, a little primer about bass rosin: it tends to be stickier than the rosin used by violinists, violists, and cellists. When choosing a rosin, the first factor to consider is the climate. A drier and more powdery rosin is a better choice for humid weather, whereas rosin with a sticky composition is preferable for drier air.

All-weather rosins are only available in one composition for areas that experience more moderate humidity. If you live in an area with hot, humid summers but cold, dry winters, you’re going to have to consider choosing multiple rosins, one for each season.

One important caveat about upright bass rosin -- fresh is the key. Replace your rosin annually, since this is less costly than having to rehair your bow.

Everything you ever wanted to know about rosin

The base of rosin is actually tree resin that is collected from different types of pine trees from a few continents. Some rosins contain metal additives or gums with added essential oils. Other rosins create dust, so sensitive players may decide to go with a hypoallergenic rosin. A few all-weather options include Kolstein All Weather, Nymans, and Yumba.

At Johnson String Instrument, our selection of stringed instrument rosin is unmatched for the upright bass as well as for the violin, viola, and cello. If you would like more information about rosins, we offer fast and friendly service when it comes to rosin and all your stringed instrument needs.

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