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How to recover from a bad performance

Playing an instrument onstage can be a source of intense fun or intense pressure (and ironically, sometimes both simultaneously). Whether you struggle with learning a new piece for your performance or stage fright during the recital, playing live music provides just as many opportunities for stress as excitement. If you play violin, viola, or cello live, you know the feeling of relief when a show you’ve been practicing for goes off without a hitch. You may also know the feeling of disappointment when the performance doesn’t go as planned. Let’s discuss how to recover from a bad performance and move on to the next show with confidence.

There are positives

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Even a bad performance is bound to have positives, and recognizing success in the face of failure is key to recovering from your mistakes. You may have made a few wrong notes or missed the tempo at a few points, but you made it through the piece. Looking at the areas where you struggle will help you identify places to practice, but looking at areas of success will help you identify places where your practice has paid off. Picking out the techniques that helped you complete the performance enables you to apply them to your mistakes. Furthermore, it will help you build confidence to avoid dwelling on your failures. 

Your next performance will be great

One bad performance will not signal the end of your musical career. Whether you missed some parts or dropped some notes, it’s possible to pick yourself back up and go back to the stage. However, you may need to make some changes before your next recital. Think about your piece selection; if you’re struggling to perform live, consider avoiding the most difficult violin pieces ever written. Make sure you’re choosing pieces that you’re able to perform and excited to learn. Need help finding a piece for your next show? Johnson String Instrument has a variety of sheet music available for you to choose from. View our catalog today to fall in love with your next performance piece.

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