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How To Practice Without Your Violin

Playing an instrument requires quality practice time and the violin is no different. But sometimes your best practice can happen without your instrument. This is helpful for when it’s late at night and you don’t want to be too loud, or when you don’t have your violin with you. Below we will demonstrate how to practice without your violin, and make the most of the time, inspiration, and tools you have available.

You Have Everything You Need

sheet music on a desk

There are a variety of skills and techniques you can practice just about anywhere and anytime. One thing you can do is listen to concertos or scores intentionally. Pay attention to the fingerings and bowings to learn how different musicians use various techniques to enhance their pieces.

Reading music is an important skill to develop as well. You can quiz yourself on note names and their corresponding positions, or practice identifying key signatures and rhythms.

Finally, you should develop your ear training skills. Ear training for string players can involve singing scales, practicing melodies, and trying to match or progress from a single pitch. Good aural skills are particularly important for performing clean shifts on your violin.

All of these are valuable practice techniques that can bring more structure to your rehearsal time, even if you can’t play your violin.

Can It Really Make You A Better Player?

Learning how to practice without your violin is a key step to becoming a better player. Practicing proper violin posture, sight reading, and ear training will help you produce better quality music when you do pick up your instrument.

If you are looking for someone to “talk shop” with and get some violin tips from without going to the studio, there is a vibrant music community to engage with. Not only are there a wide range of online forums and resources that allow musicians to connect and assist each other, but going to local concerts and communal practice spaces can introduce you to new people with similar passions. Even without a violin in hand, there is a lot you can discover about the instrument and how to make it shine.

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