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Playing music and playing sports aren't that different after all

The high school rivalry between the jocks and members of the “dorkestra” is well documented in teen films throughout the ages. But would you believe there are actually more similarities between playing an instrument and playing sports than differences?

Take team sports like basketball, where a group of players use their individual skills to reach a common goal. When it comes to playing the violin, much of the same is true. Just swap the basketball team with an orchestra, and instead of hitting the winning shot, you’re trying to hit the right notes. Not convinced? Let’s take a look at more similarities between sports and music.

Similarities we can't ignore

boy with basketball and girl with double bass

In addition to the team aspects of games and concert performances, sports and music can help with learning certain skills. Both require you to manage your time wisely, prioritize working with others, and persevere through difficult tasks. Whether you’re on the field or the stage, you can’t give up when things get tough or if the audience isn’t responding the way you hope.

Playing sports and music also increases dopamine, or the “feel good” neurotransmitter, and therefore your motivation to get better with time. In addition to being a mood-booster, music activates several major areas of the brain, including those areas that are critical to athletic performance such as the parietal (motor cortex) and the occipital lobe (rhythm and coordination). So when athletes and musicians practice or perform, they’re sharpening both their physical and mental resilience.

Doing both

Whether you’re playing a concert or winning the game, you’ll need hard work and dedication to do so. Practicing with intention and consistency will help you hone your skill and take your performance to the next level. So the next time you’re out shopping for sports gear, stop by Johnson String Instrument and pick up some instrument accessories as well.

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