Playing Advice

Looking to make improvements to your playing skills? Need some tips on reading and/or memorizing music? Time to break some bad habits? We offer some advice and tips on how to make your playing more enjoyable.

  • From Renting to Owning Your Violin
    If you’re new to playing the violin and not sure how long your interest will hold, it may seem irresponsible to invest in a high quality violin.
  • The Benefits of Ear Training for Strings
    All musicians, but especially those who play stringed instruments, can benefit from ear training.
  • How Bass Players Can Lock in with Their Drummers
    Musicians and music fans know that drummers act as the “engine” of the band, providing the “pulse” for the music.
  • What Are the Cello Strings in Order
    As a beginning cellist, properly tuning a cello is one of the most important skills you’ll need to learn early on. If your cello is out of tune, it is practically impossible to practice or improve your playing.
  • Is Learning a Second Instrument Easier than the First Time Around?
    If you are ready to learn a second instrument, congratulations! Learning to play a second instrument can provide all kinds of opportunities that you wouldn’t have if you only played one instrument.
  • What You Should and Should Not Wear When Playing Violin
    You have your own sense of style and when you are on stage in front of people, it's natural to want to be dressed up and look your best. It's your chance to shine!
  • How to Start Playing Violin Again After a Long Hiatus
    If you are like a lot of people who took music lessons as a child, you probably stopped playing when you approached adulthood.
  • Everything You Need to Start Playing Violin Today
    Have you recently decided to enroll in violin lessons? If so, congratulations on your decision. Learning to play an instrument provides a unique source of joy, accomplishment and entertainment that isn’t achieved through any other pursuit.
  • Common Mistakes Beginner Violinists Make
    Learning to play the violin can provide a lifetime of joy, whether you are looking for a fun hobby or harbor dreams of becoming a performing musician.
  • How Long Does It Take to Break in Violin Strings?
    There are many different types of violin strings, and each needs to be treated with care to get the best sound. Whether you’re playing with synthetic core strings or traditional gut strings, most violin strings will take a while to settle into their intended sound.
  • Let's Talk About the Circle of 5ths
    Students learning to play an instrument are encouraged to practice regularly in order to improve.
  • What Every Violinist Needs
    Accessories for the violin have been developed over the years to help violinists improve their performance skills.
  • How To Tune Your Violin Without A Tuner
    Professional violinists generally favor a specific method for keeping their instruments in tune. With talent and experience, many are able to tune by ear, but fortunately beginners are not expected to go about doing it without a tuner.
  • Learning Music Theory
    Music theory is the language of music. It defines the foundational aspects of music and provides a system for musicians to communicate with one another.
  • Violin Necessities
    Are you a new or aspiring violinist? If so, you’re probably in the process of finding the right violin and equipment for you. Unfortunately, you can’t just pick up a violin and start playing.
  • Bad Violin Habits to Break Now
    Developing bad violin habits can affect the range and clarity of the notes you're able to coax out of the instrument. Along with creating a subpar sound, if you don't practice proper body alignment and technique, the result can be chronic injuries to the muscles and tendons that are being over-stressed.
  • How to Get Perfect Violin Posture
    You’re slouching; don’t roll your shoulders; sit up straight! How many times did your parents admonish you to fix your posture as a kid?
  • Which Instruments Sound Best With the Violin
    The violin is an unbelievably versatile instrument. Able to shine on the rock stage, studio and orchestra pit, it seems to defy boundaries. Creating its own distinctive range of sounds, the violin’s timbre is melodic and beautiful.
  • How You Can Memorize Music Faster and More Efficiently
    The ability to memorize music is an important part of honing your skills as a musician.
  • Ear Training
    How games and exercises can help with ear training.
  • Overuse Injuries
    These painful injuries are largely preventable.
  • First Steps to Reading Music
    A short guide to giving students the help they need.

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