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How Musical Ability and Video Games May be Connected

In the world of childhood development, activities like playing games, engaging in sports, and learning music are often viewed as fundamental. Now, researchers have found a connection between musical abilities and video games.

The process of learning music as a kid involves mastering melody, tuning, tempo, and rhythm, which can enhance the ability to interact with video games. For instance, the skills required to read music, such as noting changes in melody or rhythm, can translate into quicker reactions and better strategic thinking in gaming environments. Games often require players to respond to changing scenarios at varying speeds, much like adjusting tempo in music. Furthermore, both activities encourage sustained, focused engagement that can improve overall cognitive function.

Get those hands working

Astronaut playing a cello in outer space with planets in the background.

The connection between musical abilities and playing video games extends to motor functions as well. Both musicians and gamers develop significant hand-eye coordination, agility, and fine motor skills. These skills are cultivated through practices that require precise timing and movement, which are critical in both playing an instrument and mastering video game controls.

Musicians, often skilled in complex rhythms and sequences, are naturally equipped to manage multifaceted, advanced video games. This makes them effective problem solvers and players, capable of navigating complex gaming environments that require quick decision-making and intricate command sequences. Thus, the overlap between gamers and musicians might be more than coincidental, as both are continually refining their motor skills and cognitive abilities through their respective crafts.

Start playing the classics

The influence of music on video games is perhaps most apparent in game soundtracks, which often include compositions that are complex and emotionally compelling. Many games feature scores that can be played with classical instruments, like the violin. These video game violin theme songs bridge the gap between classical music training and modern digital entertainment, offering a unique way to engage with both mediums.

For musicians, especially those trained on stringed instruments, playing video game music for violin can be a delightful extension of their craft. It not only allows them to explore new genres and compositions but also connects them with a broader contemporary audience who might recognize these iconic themes. Thus, the intersection of video game music and traditional music training opens up new avenues for exploration and enjoyment in both fields.

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