How to tell if your child needs a bigger violin

When buying a violin for a child, there is a series of seven sizes to choose from based on age range and skill level. Most kids begin with a sixteenth or an eighth size violin. However, if you’ve got a young violin player at home, you know how quickly kids can grow and develop. Do you know how to tell if your child needs a bigger violin?

Your child’s violin teacher should be the one to recommend a larger instrument, but for your information here are some guidelines they use when deciding on the right fit. With a properly sized violin, your children will be able to continue learning and enjoying music as they grow.

Let's measure

violin sizes

In order to determine if your child needs a bigger violin, their teacher may simply measure them. However, it’s not enough to take their height alone. The measurements of their arm length, fingers and hands, the width of their shoulders, and the length from their collarbone to their wrist are also important.

If a violin is too small, their instructor will notice that their elbow bend is much larger and their bow arm will be bent at an odd angle. If a violin is too large, it will be wider than their shoulder and they will have to stretch to reach the middle of the peg box. Furthermore, an oversized violin can lead to poor posture and injuries like carpal tunnel, scoliosis, and jaw tension. 

Making the change

Have you been advised that your child needs a bigger violin? Then the next step is deciding how much bigger to go. Usually one size up is sufficient, but your teacher should discuss your child’s measurements with you. And if you’re buying a violin online, violin sizing charts are available to help you make the decision.

If you’re concerned about purchasing a new violin your child will quickly outgrow, then we recommend renting a violin online. That way you can support your child’s musical and physical growth without accumulating a series of violins that they can no longer use. Visit the catalog of Johnson String Instrument to view our violin rental options today.

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