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How To Take Care Of Your Rental Violin

So you’ve finally decided to rent a violin and begin learning music. Since you opted for a rental over a purchase, you may not anticipate the same level of maintenance. But if you want to ensure that your instrument maintains its original sound until the day you return it, you’ll need to become acquainted with how to take care of your rental violin.

Before learning the right way to care for a violin, however, you should assemble some materials. Items like a case and bow may seem obvious, but rosin and a cloth for your violin strings are essential as well. Depending on how long you intend to rent the violin for, you may also require a replacement set of strings at some point.

Before Playing

violin in a case

There are steps to taking care of your violin that should occur before and after you play. To prep your violin we recommend starting with your bow. Tighten your bow until the hairs are taut, then gently apply rosin along the hairs. The violin itself may need some adjusting as well. Make sure to adjust your chin rest, and tune the violin as needed.

After Playing

Your rental violin also requires aftercare. Before you put your violin back in storage, use a soft cloth to clean the strings of any built up rosin. Be sure to loosen your bow hairs to prevent them becoming overstretched, and then store the violin and bow in an appropriate case. Keep the violin case in a cool, dry area to reduce the likelihood of incurring damage to your instrument.

If you’re not sure where to find the necessary tools to maintain your stringed instrument, Johnson String Instrument can help. For the musician on the go, our wide selection of cases and bags are high quality brands which are lightweight, weather-resistant, and come in an array of colors and a variety of prices. Our catalog is also full of all the accessories you need to take care of your rental violin until you’re ready for an upgrade. Visit Johnson String Instrument today to start taking quality care of your instruments.

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