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How Often You Should Replace Your Cello Strings

When it comes to string instruments, maintenance is key to producing your desired sound. The strings will wear out over time, and may even break in the course of playing. As a result, regular string replacements are necessary. Some string instruments will need updated strings sooner than others, like violins or violas. By contrast, instruments like a cello can go a little longer without replacing the strings. 

Most cellists find themselves replacing cello strings roughly once a year. However, the rate at which you will need new strings also depends on how often you play the cello. Cellists who play daily for an hour or more may need to replace their strings every few months if they want to retain the same quality of sound. If you are new to playing a string instrument, you might not be aware of what is entailed when it comes to maintenance. Here’s what you need to know about the process of replacing your cello strings. 

How Long it Takes to Change Cello Strings

a cello bridge

Most instrument repair shops will be able to restring a cello for about five dollars per string if you don’t feel like approaching the cello string changing process yourself. However, it’s relatively easy to learn how to change cello strings if you have all the components and 10-20 minutes to spare. 

When restringing a cello, start by loosening the pegs and removing the old strings from both the pegs and the fine tuner. You will then take the new strings and connect them to the fine tuner, inserting the end of the string into the peg. Tighten the strings and align them to the bridge. After that, all that’s left to do is tune up your cello and start playing.

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