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How Much Is Your Violin Worth?

The value of a violin depends on a number of factors. The age of the instrument, the country of origin, and who made it all contribute to its value. Unfortunately, you cannot learn the history of an instrument by its label alone because fake labels were a common problem in the 19th century. Violin makers who wanted to artificially inflate their prices began affixing a Stradivarius or Amati label onto their handiwork.

This and other factors mean that it takes some detective work to determine the true origin and maker of a violin.

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Condition Matters

What condition the instrument is in also plays a role in determining how much your violin is worth. Missing strings are not important, but things like cracks in the body are. If you have had it repaired over the years, what is the quality of the workmanship? Poorly done repairs negatively impact its value, and any parts of the instrument that are replacements will also be evaluated.

Although you can do the research and compare the prices similar violins have fetched in the past, your best bet is to consult an expert. A professional can discern the difference between originals and knock-offs and can also assess the overall condition of your particular instrument.

Getting a violin appraised at a reputable shop is the most reliable way to determine its worth.

Why are You Selling?

Unless you’ve inherited the instrument and are selling it because you don’t play, you may be interested in an upgrade. Once you have come to a certain point in your training, buying a new violin may be the next step.

If you would like to trade or sell your violin, our experts at Carriage House Violins of Johnson String Instrument can provide an accurate appraisal. With their experience and extensive knowledge base, you can have confidence in their assessment.

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