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The Dangers of DIY Repair

Every violin is a handmade, original instrument and holds its value for a long time with the proper care. There are a few sites online that provide instructions for do-it-yourself violin repair, but it’s important to note that DIY repairs affect the unique tone of your violin as well as diminish the value. You’re better off taking it to a qualified luthier, who can make sure that.

If one of the components comes loose or falls off the instrument, your local music shop can help. The luthiers in our workshop at Johnson String Instrument know a quality setup and proper care can make all the difference.

Violin on a workbench

Common At Home Repairs To Avoid for the Violin

Cracks to the body of the violin and soundpost adjustments are examples of repairs that should only be done by a professional. Bridge and nut replacements also require the expertise of a trained luthier. They can also take care of gluing open seams or detached fingerboards and completing peg repairs or replacements when necessary. When in doubt, ask a pro! The trained and experienced luthiers at Johnson String Instruments are always happy to help.

Instrument Repairs at Johnson String Instrument

Our luthiers can address everything from the issues mentioned above to damage on the body of the violin, such as broken corners and chipped edges or gouges. While it’s tempting to attempt small fixes using a DIY violin repair template, the only way to guarantee the safety of your instrument is to entrust the job to the pros. This is their area of expertise, and they have the appropriate tools and training to do it correctly.

When it’s time to replace or trade up, Johnson String Instrument is your one-stop-shop. We’re committed to offering the best quality violins on the market including antique, modern, and student instruments. Schedule an appointment today to see our selection or even easier, shop for violins online and have it what you need delivered right to your front door.

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