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Cold Weather Instrument Protection Tips

Winter is here and with it came changes in temperature that can be devastating for your delicate instrument. If you have a stringed instrument, it is crucial to make sure you keep it safe during the winter. Cold weather can suck the moisture out of your instrument. This can loosen the pegs, cause cracks in the wood, and even damage the strings.

Whether you are more familiar with violins, violas, or cellos, exposing your stringed instrument to the cold is a recipe for disaster. Just one trip in a cold car is all it takes for your instrument to end up out of tune or worse. These are our best cold weather instrument protection tips for keeping your strings in great condition.

Violin case filled with accessories

Monitor and Adjust

One of the most important things to consider when playing in cold weather is the humidity in your practice area. If your instrument is exposed to too much or too little moisture, it can lead to problems with the sound and tuning. You can purchase digital or analog hygrometers to monitor the humidity in your practice room.

The humidity levels in your instrument case are significant as well. Many cases will keep an instrument from being squashed or bumped, but do not protect against dryness and extreme temperatures. If your instrument spends a lot of time in its case, you may want to invest in an in-case humidifier. The Stretto Humidifier is a fantastic option for anyone looking to control the humidity levels around their cello, violin, or viola.

Make Sure to Store Your Instrument in the Right Place

It is essential to remember, when storing your instrument is to keep it at a consistent temperature. Your instrument doesn’t need to be outside in the cold for damage to occur. Often the changes in temperature as you move your instrument from the car to the doorway can be enough to cause harm.

High quality cases can do a lot to protect your precious instrument, but it’s always good to be extra careful. Investing in tools to monitor and control the humidity your instrument is exposed to can help you produce the quality of sound your instrument was made for. No matter what you play, don’t let the weather get in the way of your music.

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