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Cello Music in Movies and on TV

We all know that music in film and TV can be used to create a particular tone or support the scene. Some popular TV shows are as well known for their soundtrack as they are for the plot or characters, and film scores can reinvigorate old songs for contemporary audiences.

When it comes to string instruments in famous movies and shows, the cello stands out. Not only are the rich, deep notes of the cello used to increase emotion, but many cellists have reimagined popular film themes as group or solo cello pieces. Here are some of our favorite film and TV scores to play on the cello.

Some of our favorites

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If you’re a fan of the fantasy genre, you’ve probably heard your share of cello music in movies and TV. Game of Thrones in particular is well known for using cello in its main theme and throughout the score. And cello music is featured in the main title for The Walking Dead as part of a string ensemble.

There are also a variety of movie and TV soundtracks that have been rearranged for the cello. The music of Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Stranger Things have all been covered by cellists. You can find both solo and group arrangements for popular movie and TV music on YouTube or music forums.

Could it be You?

Becoming a professional cellist is about more than playing TV theme songs, yet they can still be enjoyable to perform. And by blending your love of music and TV, you can infuse more fun into your practice routine.

There’s no shame in deciding to buy a cello because you enjoy playing cello or violin pieces from TV and movies. However, if you think you might change instruments at some point, a rental may be more convenient for you. At Johnson String Instrument, we offer a variety of cellos, violins, and violas for rental or purchase. View our catalog today to find an instrument that speaks to you.

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