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Should You Buy or Rent a Viola?

If you are interested in learning how to play a string instrument, you’ve probably considered the cost involved in picking up a musical instrument such as the viola. If you are a beginner, knowing where and how to acquire an instrument can be tricky.

As a music student, your teacher may recommend renting a viola so you gain experience without the financial commitment of the instrument. However, as you mature into a professional musician, you should consider buying a viola. Like any string instrument, a quality viola is not cheap so determining the value retention of your instrument will consist of a couple factors.

A youg boy sitting against a brick wall with a violin on his lap

Many students start by renting

Most beginners and music students do start their journey learning to play an instrument with student viola outfits. These outfits typically include a student model viola, bow, and case. Obviously, the most expensive component is the viola; even a student model, can amount to over a thousand dollars. For this reason, many students rent violas.

Renting a viola allows the player access to high-quality string instruments without having to buy them. Some rental options can be quite affordable for students.

In the beginning, renting is a logical option for a budding violist, who may be unsure whether they will play the instrument for years to come. Renting provides access to a quality viola without a long-term commitment. At some point, however, purchasing a viola begins to make more sense.

Buying your own Viola

For many people, buying a viola is the better choice since it is a smart investment in a quality instrument that should last a lifetime. If you are a serious musician, you don’t want to settle for cheaply made models. You want to select from professional violas that are going to be made from high quality materials and that will have depth in timbre and tone.

Johnson String Instrument boasts a wide selection of violas for sale that can accommodate every need. Whether you prefer electric violas and their modern utility or classic viola models, you will find the best instruments for the best prices. Online accessible, Johnson String Instrument is more than a store. We will assist you with selecting, caring for and playing your viola as well as all the necessary accessories. Contact Johnson String Instrument today!

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