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Why buying a violin on Amazon just doesn't make sense

Are you thinking about buying a violin on Amazon? It might seem convenient, but there are some pitfalls that both beginners and professionals should watch out for. From the cheap quality of certain brands to complaints and negative reviews about products falling short of their advertised expectations, there are a myriad of problems in the world of violins on Amazon.

In this article, we’ll help you avoid the frustration of buying faulty violins online, and guide you through some key factors to consider for your next purchase. So, before you click “Add to Cart,” let's make sure the violin in your basket matches what you see online and is everything you hoped for.

Advice from the experts

Classic violin with its bow lying horizontally on a white background, strings detached

Many musicians successfully buy their instruments online without any issues. So, why not shop at Amazon?

For starters, a large e-commerce seller like Amazon lacks the quality and service of a reputable music store like Johnson String Instruments. When you shop at a specialized music store or boutique seller, not only do you get access to experienced staff who can offer valuable advice – you're also assured of the instrument's quality. When buying online, this personal interaction and expertise is missing, which can be a significant problem – especially for beginners.

Another reason why you shouldn't buy a violin on Amazon is the shipping. Violins are delicate. Therefore, temperature changes, rough handling, and other shipping factors might damage the instrument in transit. In fact, many online buyers often report their violins arriving broken, or missing essential components.

Moreover, those learning to play the violin for the first time might struggle if their instrument doesn't meet the right standards. Violins often require professional setup and adjustment, like bridge placement, tuning, or string tension. When bought online, musical instruments might come without these adjustments, making them more difficult to play.

Ok, then where should you buy your violin from?

Buying an instrument online can be convenient and hassle-free for many musicians. But not all online sellers are created equal. So, if you’re wondering where to buy a violin not on Amazon, local violin shops and online music stores are two great alternatives.

Local music stores allow you to try out different models and brands, and get personalized advice from violin experts. They can also adjust or tune your instrument on the spot if needed. And by buying local, you’re supporting small businesses.

On the other hand, online music stores allow you to conveniently browse and order violins online. Highly specialized sellers have a large selection of violins, from beginner to professional level, and often provide detailed descriptions and reviews of each instrument. Moreover, they have customer service and support teams that can answer your questions and help you with your order.

Fortunately, Johnson String Instrument offers it all. As a full service provider of new and previously owned stringed instruments and accessories, we also offer restoration, repair, and appraisal. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, online or in person, we have the best selection, quality, and service for your musical needs.

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