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3 Easy Ways to Teach Music in Your Homeschool Curriculum

As more and more people are homeschooling their children, it is important that parents have the resources to raise well rounded, intelligent human beings. But homeschooling shouldn’t stop with academic studies. In addition to all the core subjects your child will learn such as math and science, they should also engage in creative pursuits such as art and music.

Learning about music and learning to play an instrument is extremely influential for the developing brain. It helps your child develop their language and reasoning skills, as well as teaching them discipline and patience. If you are new to teaching your own kids, you might be wondering how to teach creative children at home without paying for private lessons. Here are our favorite ways to teach music in homeschool. Inspire your children to learn a creative skill that can last them a lifetime.

Every young musician can benefit from these three things

  1. Teach music theory
    Learning music theory is one of the most important steps in any beginning music class. Music theory will allow your child to read and play from sheet music and advance their skills. There are a variety of books, print-outs, and online services available to help you teach music theory.
  2. Clap and sing along
    Clapping and singing along with your kid’s music gives them a boost of confidence, and it can actually make your relationship stronger. Singing and dancing with your child at any age increases the child-parent bond. It also contributes to the development of their language and motor skills.
  3. Read about musicians
    Showing your child literature and history about musicians will both help them understand the music they are playing and inspire them to expand their own craft. It is also a way to engage with music even when they are not actively practicing an instrument.

If music class has awakened your child’s interest in music, consider teaching your child an instrument. Whether you teach them yourself with all the resources at your disposal or seek out private instrument lessons online, there are so many ways to learn an instrument from home. Forget the school band; start up a homeschool band and hold concerts with friends and family to show off your child’s new skills.

There has never been a better time to focus on creative pursuits, so take the leap and start teaching your children music. Need supplies? At Johnson String Instrument we offer high quality instruments and accessories, as well as repair and adjustment services. Check out our instrument rentals and find the best fit for your child today.

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