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Fingerboard Geography, String Class/Teacher; Barbara Barber (Alf)
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Fingerboard Geography for Viola, volume 1 by Barbara Barber (Alf)
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Music Games Series, Musical Happy Families (MG)
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First, Learn to Practice; Tom Heany (Dog Ear Publications)
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Orchestral Bowing, textbook; Kjelland (Alf)
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The Philharmonic Gets Dressed; Kuskin/Simont (Harper Collins)
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Mole Music; David McPhail (Reading Rainbow Book)
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Protector for Urtext Editions (G. Henle Verlag)
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Viola Wall Chart by Martin Norgaard (Mel Bay)
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Fun & Games for Music Lessons; Karen North (The Young Flute Player)
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JSI Large Orchestra Folder
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Songwriting Strategies: A 360 Degree Approach; Mark Simos (Berklee Press)
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The Roll Call of the Blessed Ones;Janos Starker (Dorrance)
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Nurtured by Love, revised; Shinichi Suzuki (Summy)
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