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Piano Quintet in A Major, D.667 ''Trout''; Franz Schubert
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Winning Rhythms by Edward L. Ayola
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Fingerboard Geography, String Class/Teacher; Barbara Barber (Alf)
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How to Read Music, Basic Guide, DVD; Cooper (AM)
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Solfege des Solfeges, book 2; Dannhauser (Sch)
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Audition Day; Blaise Dejardin (Opus Cello)
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The Rhythm Train, book one; Dana D. DeKalb (Dana DeKalb)
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Mastery for Strings, Level 1; Dick/Scott (MFS)
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Elson's New Pocket Music Dictionary (TP)
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Music Dictionary; Essential Dictionary of Music (Alf)
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Practical Theory Complete; Feldstein
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Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching; Ivan Galamian (M&M)
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