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American Fiddle Method, Volume 2, for violin, Book /CD/DVD; Brian Wicklund (Mel Bay)
The American Fiddle Method, Volume 2 Book and CD Set: Intermediate Fiddle Tunes and Techniques is designed as a follow-up to the popular Volume 1. Volume 2 addresses such important skills as: 1) expanding a basic repertoire of common intermediate-level tunes, 2) learning to use low first position, 3) mastery of bowing down on the beat and corrective slurring, 4) artistic slurring, 5) understanding basic music theory, and 6) learning double-stop backup combinations. The play-along CD accompanying the book captures the excitement of the music and aids instruction. Some students who have studied violin or fiddle music before may be able to skip Volume 1 and start with Volume 2, assuming they are proficient at skills such as proper violin and bow placement and can play a small repertoire of fiddle tunes with good tone and intonation. Expert fiddle player and teacher Brian Wicklund created the American Fiddle Method, acknowledged as the most widely used fiddle method in the country, to do for fiddling what the Suzuki Violin Method has done for violin playing. Originally trained in Suzuki, Brian teaches the same fundamental skills as classical violin but with fun, authentic fiddle tunes instead of boring exercises. The 64 page book and 60 minute CD are included.
Book Type: Fiddle/Folk, Methods, DVD Included
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
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