American Fiddle Method, volume 1, violin, book /CD/DVD; Brian Wicklund (MB)
American Fiddle Method, Volume 1 Book and CD gets students started off fiddling right by introducing essential skills and using classic fiddle tunes to reinforce the skills. The play-along CD features a top-notch band playing and singing the tunes. Destined to become a classic, this method provides the beginner with the elements needed to become a proficient fiddler. Based on many years of teaching experience, the author introduces the concepts and techniques that yields solid results. This method encourages creativity in the student by including variations to the tunes and illustrating how they can serve as a basis for improvisation. To assist in the development of ensemble skills, chords and lyrics, basic music theory, and demonstrations of such skills as backup and lead playing are included in this profusely illustrated book. The play-along CD accompanying the book captures the excitement of the music and aids instruction. This book is beneficial for both fiddle students and classical Suzuki violin students. Expert fiddle player and teacher Brian Wicklund created the American Fiddle Method, acknowledged as the most widely used fiddle method in the country, to do for fiddling what the Suzuki Violin Method has done for violin playing. Originally trained in Suzuki, Brian teaches the same fundamental skills as classical violin but with fun, authentic fiddle tunes instead of boring exercises. 54 page book and 60 minute CD.
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