The Violin in the Attic, Violin and Piano, with CD; John Walker (Carl Fischer)
Twenty Short Recital and Study Pieces for the Intermediate Player by John Walker Edited by Justyna Lutow-Resch
Publisher Carl Fischer

  • Rose Colored Glasses
  • Robot Boy
  • Last Dance
  • Bus Ride in Budapest
  • Skiing
  • Monster Mask
  • Army Cap
  • Alone in the Attic
  • Crystal Ornament
  • Crystal Ornament (Simplified piano)
  • Father's First Invention
  • Little Rondeau
  • Ghost in the Window
  • Ticket to California
  • Ship In a Bottle
  • On a Black Hills Trail
  • Hurry, Run!
  • Hurry, Run! (Simplified piano)
  • Swashbuckler
  • Postcard from Yellowstone
  • Moth Ball
  • Is It Morning?
Book Type: Collections, CD Included
Publisher: Carl Fischer Publishing
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