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Old Time Stringband Workshop for Fiddle (Mel Bay)

Old Time Stringband Workshop for Fiddle
by Jane Keefer, Terry Probaska, and Dick Weisman

40 tunes including hoedowns, jigs, waltzes and more
  • Includes chord letters for guitar or piano.
  • Angeline the Baker (Hoedown)
  • Barlow Knife (Hoedown)
  • Bill Sullivan's Polka (Irish Polka)
  • Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (March)
  • Cold Frosty Morn (Hoedown)
  • Colored Aristocracy (Hoedown/Rag)
  • Ebeneezer (Hoedown)
  • Flop Eared Mule (Hoedown)
  • Flowers of Edinburgh (Reel)
  • Green Willis (Hoedown)
  • Growling Old Man (Hoedown/Reel)
  • Haste to the Wedding (Jig)
  • Hob Dye (Hoedown/Misc. Tune)
  • Jenny Lind Polka (Polka)
  • Kaiser's Waltz (Waltz)
  • Kincora Jig (Jig)
  • Little Dutch Girl (Hoedown/Reel)
  • Little Rabbit (Hoedown)
  • Liza Jane (Hoedown/Reel)
  • Lost Goose (Hoedown/Reel)
  • Margaret's Waltz (Waltz) by Pat Shaw
  • Mike's Hornpipe (Reel/Hornpipe) by Jane Keefer
  • Nixon's Farewell (Hoedown) by Curt Bouterse
  • Off She Goes (Jig)
  • Old Mother Flanagan (Hoedown)
  • Peeler Creek Waltz (Waltz)
  • Ragtime Annie (Rag/Hoedown)
  • Road to Lisdoonvarne (Jig)
  • Robinson County (Hoedown)
  • Rock the Cradle Joe (Hoedown)
  • Rocky Mountain Goat (Hoedown/Reel)
  • Santa Anna's Retreat (Hoedown)
  • Staten Island Hornpipe (Reel/Hoedown)
  • Swedish Waltz (Polska)
  • Take Me Back to Georgia (Hoedown/Rag)
  • Tar River (Hoedown)
  • Tater Patch (Hoedown)
  • Texas (Hoedown)
  • Walking in the Parlor (Hoedown)
  • Western Country (Hoedown)
Book Type: Fiddle/Folk
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
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