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My First Concert, Violin and Piano, with CD; Various (Schott Edition)

22 short pieces from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods, including Pop, Jazz, and Tango
  • For violin with piano accompaniment, and CD with demo and playalong tracks
  • Renaissance:
  • Pavane (Luis Milán)
  • Barock/Baroque:
  • Air (Gottfried Finger)
  • Un peu gay (François Duval)
  • Largo (Georg Philipp Teleman)
  • Allegro ma moderato (Gottfried Kirchhoff)
  • Klassik/Classical Age:
  • Rondo (Ignaz Pleyel)
  • Un Ballo (Daniel Steibelt)
  • Romantik/Romantic Age
  • Rondo (Charles Dancla)
  • Andante (Edward Elgar)
  • Der Spaßvogel/The Jester (Alexander Gretchaninoff)
  • Moderne/Modern Age:
  • Andante (Carl Orff)
  • Spiellied/Playsong (Carl Orff)
  • Spiritual (Eduard Pütz)
  • Lalai-Schlaflied zum Wachwerden?/Lalai- A Lullaby to awaken you? (Barbara Heller)
  • Pop, Jazz, Tango und mehr/Pop, Jazz, Tango and more:
  • Abenddämmerung/Evening Twilight (Jürgen Moser)
  • Fips in the Park (Mike Schoenmehl)
  • Princess Sivama's Song (Peter Mohrs)
  • Windlied/Windsong (Gabriel Koeppen)
  • Chill-Out (Gabriel Koeppen)
  • Like a Bird (Daniel Kemminer)
  • Un sueño truncado/Unerfüllter Traum/Unfulfilled Dream (Daniel Kemminer)
  • Song for Friends (Peter Mohrs)
Book Type: Collections, CD Included
Publisher: Schott Editions
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