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Classical Music for Children; 25 Easy Pieces for Violin and Piano: Various (Schott Editions)
For beginning violin, with piano accompaniment. Edited by Peter Mohrs.


  • Prelude from Te Deum (Charpentier)
  • Largo affetuoso (Corelli)
  • Rondeau (Purcell)
  • Loure (de Paepen)
  • Allegro from Spring (Vivaldi)
  • Allegro from Autumn (Vivaldi)
  • Allegro (Telemann)
  • Aria from Peasant Cantata (J. S. Bach)
  • Rejouissance from Music of the Royal Fireworks (Handel)
  • Minuet from the Water Music (Handel)
  • Bouree (Hasse)
  • Andante (Handel)
  • Del Vogelfanger bin ich ja from The Magic Flute (Mozart)
  • Divertimento (Steibelt)
  • Freude, Schoner Gotterfunken from Symphony No. 9 (Beethoven)
  • Waltz (Weber)
  • Cradle Song (Schubert)
  • Viennese Waltz (Strauss)
  • Romance (Dancla)
  • Watchman's Song (Grieg)
  • Sleep Song from Hansel and Gretel (Humperdinck)
  • Andante (Elgar)
  • To a Wild Rose (MacDowell)
  • Morning Stroll (Gretchaninoff)
  • The Joker (Gretchaninoff)
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